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Logitech G51 review

In the market for a solid set of surround sound speakers?

  • £108

Our Verdict

A classy, if pricey, 5.1 sound system


  • Smooth sound. Good build quality. Easy to set up


  • Steep price

To invest in a 5.1 speaker system you've got to be a keen gamer or someone who loves to hear music while sat at their PC.

So, assuming that you fall into one of these categories, you're going to be more than a little interested in Logitech's satellite-ample G51 system. And we're happy to report that this is a solid collection of speakers that'll do your music or games justice.

Unpacking the set gave us a good idea of build quality. The sub-woofer is a large, imposing slab of black plastic. Interestingly, it features a dual-ported design, with one on the underside of the unit. This means that you'll be feeling bass notes through your feet if you turn up the volume loud enough.

The five satellites feel solid and sturdy, and sport an impressive modern design in the form of a black/light bronze colour scheme. Logitech has also made downloadable artwork available, which can be printed out and fixed to each speaker, but whether you do this is really down to personal taste.

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