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Gigabyte GeForce 9600 GT review

A speedy, overclocked card

  • £120

Our Verdict

A well-tweaked card which more than justifies its price tag


  • Impressive performance. Effective cooling


  • Up against some tough competition

NVIDIA's GeForce 9600 GT looked like a winner at launch. Then AMD waltzed up and slapped NVIDIA around with the Radeon HD 4800.

Its effect was to push some very powerful 3D hardware below the £100 barrier. That's made life a lot harder for the plucky little 'GT.

To counter this, Gigabyte has wheeled out this impressive factory overclocked revision. For starters, the core and shader clocks have been bumped from 650MHz and 1,650MHz respectively to 720MHz and 1,800MHz. Memory speeds are also up from 1.8GHz to 2GHz.

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