Big Fish Audio Syntron-X review

  • £40
Don'tchoo want me baybee!

MusicRadar Verdict

If you want to create post-'80s electro music, this is for you!


  • +

    Great for electro.


  • -

    Very '80s.

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But if that does sound like your kind of thing you're in for a treat.

With 23 construction kits, various drum kits, arpeggios, beats and robotic vocals to play with, this is sure to be a useful tool for anyone making music with a heavy fringe/Electro influence.

The only potential weakness here is that the samples are so definitively '80s-sounding that they aren't very versatile - every track you make using these will probably end up sounding like a long-lost Human League B-side.

Is that a bad thing? Only you can tell.

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