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Big Fish Audio Indian Traditions review

A collection of samples with an Eastern flavour

  • £55
Indian Traditions is everything you need to add some eastern promise to your music

MusicRadar Verdict

An excellent and comprehensive package that offers you everything you need to bring Indian instruments into your music.


  • +

    A great selection of Indian samples.


  • -

    Not for those who aren't into Indian sounds, obviously.

If you're looking for a comprehensive, exhaustively sampled selection of Indian instruments, this one's for you.

Indian Traditions features 28 different instruments - and these are then divided up into Melodic and Percussive folders.

Percussive samples are provided as single hits and loops in both WAV and REX formats. These cover traditional Indian instruments such as the dholak, ghatam, tabla and udakai.

On the Melodic side of things we're treated to sounds from the bulbul tarang, ravanhatta, sitar, tutari and veena. This vast collection is truly fantastic.

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