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Big Fish Audio Funk City review

Will this make us head for the hills?

  • £40
  • $69.95
Don't let the awful cover put you off, it's not a bad set of samples.

MusicRadar Verdict

A great selection of funk samples that gives more than you expected.


  • +

    Well recorded and played. Good selection of instruments. Excellent horn section.


  • -

    A bit samey in places.

Despite featuring one of the most uninspired and tacky cover images we've ever seen, Funk City is actually a superb collection of funk construction kits.

The DVD contains 29 different kits, each of which features the full arrangement and all the component parts.

The content is well played and recorded and comprises all the requisite funk elements. You'll find drums, bass, wah guitars and bongos - there's even some vocals and a bit of scratching.

The icing on the cake is the horn section, although the performances here do sound a bit samey. Nevertheless, this is a fine suite of samples.

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