Ample Sound Ample Bass Acoustic II review

A monster bass pack

  • $119

MusicRadar Verdict

Ample Bass Acoustic II sounds jaw-droppingly realistic and offers more sound and performance shaping than most users will ever need. Beautiful.


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    Fantastic sounds.


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    Very few.

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Ample Sound continues in its ongoing guitar emulation mission with a massively multisampled
Guild B-54 CE acoustic bass, just shy of 5GB in size.

The DI signal and two mic channels have been sampled separately, and full control is enabled over their relative mix levels, mono/stereo/mid-side configuration, width and frequency content (via Ample Sound's redesigned EQ - three parametric bands plus low and high cut).

As usual, every note has been sampled at every fret, eight keyswitched articulations are covered (Sustain, Palm Mute, Hammer On/Pull Off, Natural Harmonic, Legato Slide, Slide In/Out, Pop/Slap, and Dead Note), and a range of lifelike noises can be independently mixed in (Fret, Release, Accentuation, Buzz, etc).

You can also have the instrument play itself by loading tab files into the Tab Player, which has been customised specifically for bass notation and articulations.

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