Acorn Instruments Masterkey 49 review

  • £100
The Masterkey 49's action is smooth and playable.

MusicRadar Verdict

A solid if unremarkable offering from Acorn.


  • +

    Decent build quality, comes with Presonus Studio One Artist.


  • -

    Light key action won't be to everyone's taste.

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Acorn's debut product is a no-frills, class-compliant 49-note USB MIDI keyboard that's aimed at the first-time buyer (a 25-note version is also available).

It's very light, but well put together and reasonably sturdy. The key action is on the light side too, and this may or may not appeal, but it's smooth and playable.

Other features include nicely weighted pitch and mod wheels, four securely-fitted knobs and a volume slider. Assignments and other adjustments are made via the Edit button and presses of the keys.

There's a 3-digit LED display, though, along with octave up/down buttons and a sustain jack.

Overall, the Masterkey 49 is unremarkable, but when pitched against other products in its class, it stands up well in terms of playability and ease of use. It comes with PreSonus' Studio One Artist, too, to sweeten the deal.

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