Ableton Complete Live 5 review

Impressive unofficial Ableton Live tutorial DVD.

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Our Verdict

The DVD covers everything from setting up your preferences to more advanced topics such as creating controller clips.


  • Concise and thorough.


  • Advanced users can skip the first few chapters. The video-captured Live footage is a touch mundane.

This unofficial Ableton Live tutorial DVD features more than three and a half hours of instruction, which is spread over 30 chapters. These cover everything from setting up your preferences to more advanced topics such as creating controller clips.

The early tutorials are clearly aimed at beginners, and provide a basic overview of Live´s functionality. This being the case, experienced users probably won´t get much out of these first chapters, but if you´re a newbie, you´ll appreciate the thorough examination of each of Live´s features. The DVD is almost exclusively based on video-captured Live footage. While this is a little dry, it does at least ensure that it´s clear which buttons you need to be clicking to do what.

SWA Complete Ableton Live 5 is definitely recommended for beginners getting to grips with the package, and also to Live users who feel that they might not be maximising the potential of this powerful piece of software.

Tech Specs

DescriptionSWA Complete Ableton Live 5 contains over 3 hours of in-depth tutorials that go beyond the basic features of Live and delves into the very powerful creative tools this application offers. Starting with the an introduction to Live basic concepts and interface preferences, your instructor Robert Guerin will guide you through, techniques and tips on how to add, edit, record and manipulate content in Live. He'll take you through both the Session and the Arrangement views; describe different routing, mix and automation techniques associated with both these views. You'll also learn how to run Live along with other ReWire applications, and program Live to respond to external MIDI controllers. Finally, you'll find out how you can render clips, loops, tracks, mixes and export your work for others to appreciate.
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