Sonic Faction Hypermorph review

Mighty morphin’

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A highly recommended product.


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    Superb sound.

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    Very little.

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As its name suggests, this powerful Max for Live instrument is all about morphin’: combine up to four identical oscillators (analogue and digital timbres such as FM, wavetable and one-shot sounds are on tap), then mutate between them all in various inventive ways. 

The central X/Y Morph Matrix handles this morphing, with five ‘modes’
 on offer, including manual movement record, gravity-like motion emulation and a creative Morph Sequencer for automating the process. 

All of this is controllable via Push. With an excellent array of presets, intuitive layout and killer sound, Sonic Faction’s morph-tastic instrument proudly shows off exactly what a M4L instrument is capable of. 

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