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HoRNet Plugins Dynamics Control review

Three is the magic number

  • €13

Our Verdict

An innovative plugin at a fine price.


  • Great price.


  • Not all that easy to use.

This innovative plugin (VST/AU/AAX) applies three different compressors at once, each with its own Threshold and Ratio settings.

The “Top” module is a standard compressor; the “Bottom” module is an upward compressor, boosting the signal when it falls below the
 Threshold; and the “Middle” module essentially works to keep the level as close as possible to the Threshold through a combination of compression and expansion. 

The idea is to use all three together, which is why the Attack (1-100ms) and Release (1-999ms) controls act globally and there are no module bypass buttons (the latter could actually be quite useful). Soft-clipping saturation can be brought to bear, too, and the compression response curve and gain reduction/increase are clearly visualised in the display. 

HoRNet sum Dynamics Control up as a “broadcasting processor”, and with so much compression being applied, inevitably the end result is quite ‘hyped’, as befits that description. 

It’s not a particularly easy plugin to use, but at this price, the crazy levelling tricks it can pull off with vocals and full mixes in particular are well worth exploring.