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Three Guitars Meta Salvo Correri Signature review

  • £3900
This Italian stallion boasts an aluminium body and graphite neck.

Our Verdict

Anyone looking for a new voice that's well-made, excels at high gain and stays impeccably in-tune should check this out.


  • Alternative materials; tuning stability; pristine tones.


  • Pricey; lack of UK availability; hardly vintage in tonality.

Formed by brothers Franco and Paolo Turra and luthier Giovanni Tensi, Italy-based ThreeGuitars specialises in carbon fibre and aluminium alloy technologies.

The Meta Salvo guitar reviewed here is the signature model of eclectic Satriani-esque Italian guitarist/ producer Salvo Correri and features a CNC-machined aluminium body and a 'tubular' carbon graphite neck bolted to the body via a patent pending 'Steady Lock' dual bolt fixing on a minimal heel.

The Gotoh/Wilkinson vibrato and Seymour Duncan Custom/'59 humbuckers are more familiar; likewise the Sperzel tuners adorning the aluminium headstock. At just under 9lbs in weight it's not overly heavy and the workmanship is top quality.


It's an extremely in-tune sounding guitar, precise, even and pristine. The five-way selector gives standard humbucking linkages, dual single-coils and neck single-coil and the tonal range is good.

There's a very defined separation which makes high-gain clearly audible, only the bridge 'bucker can sound a tad shrill with older-style lower gains. Certainly not vintage or woody, it's much more modern sounding and excels at clean funk chops contrasted by inspiring high-gained textures.

The fingerboard edges could be less sharp and the frets feel tall, but it's a guitar that grows on you.