Music Nomad Guitar One review

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Music Nomad's Guitar One claims to be safe on any finish or woods.

MusicRadar Verdict

Less is more when it comes to cleaning and polishing but this all-in-one preparation is a very good light solution that'll keep your guitars in prime condition.


  • +

    All-in-one clean, polish and wax solution.


  • -

    Often just a damp then dry cloth does the job.

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"The first Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly one-step answer to effortlessly achieving a show-perfect shine," says Music Nomad of Guitar One.

"An ultra-slick, streak-free, high-shine gloss magnifier, organically formulated to clean, polish, wax and protect. Guitar One is infused with white Brazilian carnauba wax that delivers an acoustically transparent durable shield with a high-gloss shine that protects your instrument's finish."

We're told too that the preparation is "completely safe on any finish or woods and keeps instruments looking 'as new'."

In use

Cleaning polyurethane or polyester finishes is straightforward - often a very slightly damp soft cloth followed by a soft dry cloth is all you need. The accepted dangers are those cleaner/polishes with silicone and to a lesser extent wax: both of which can form a residue build-up, and make future finish repairs tricky.

Guitar One does contain wax but not silicone. Its spritzing action applies barely any cleaner/polish at all, yet with a good dollop of elbow grease, the results are impressive on a variety of new gloss, satin and nitro finishes we tried. Buying it also helps support Music Nomad's online musical community, providing help and tips to musicians.

Dave Burrluck

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