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Joyo Analog Chorus review

  • £39
In spite of its bargain basement price, the Joyo Analog Chorus is solidly constructed and packs authentic analog chorus sounds.

Our Verdict

An inexpensive pedal to provide some '80s-style chorus flavour, especially if you like your effects to cut through when you kick them in.


  • Compact size; authentic analog chorus.


  • Four-screw battery access; sound change from bypassed to active won't suit everybody.

Chinese company Joyo is tempting all of us cash-strapped, effects pedal-loving guitar players with a range of inexpensive stompboxes.

All are a compact size and of a solid metal construction that belies the fact they cost less than £40. The Analog Chorus is the first example we've tried, and does exactly what it says on the tin, being powered by a BBD chip.

The JF37 delivers recognisable analogue chorus sound, and very nice it is too - much like a BOSS CE-2, but there's also a perceptible lift in stridency with a slight volume increase and a touch more treble.