Øivin Fjeld Øivin Fjeld G Sharp review

  • £279
A possible companion on your next voyage?

MusicRadar Verdict

Short on finesse, long on charm - and we know which we'd rather have.


  • +

    Original design; lovely tone.


  • -

    Sharp fret ends; a little on the pricey side.

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The G Sharp guitar is designed by Norwegian luthier Øivin Fjeld, and was used as a project in first principles for his former guitar-building students.

Following positive responses to the results, Fjeld has commissioned this Chinese-built production model. We have a solid mahogany body, set mahogany neck with adjustable truss rod, and a flat maple fingerboard over a 530mm scale length.

You position the single-piece bridge using an included plastic intonation template when stringing up. The tailpiece is a simple metal bar, recessed so that there's good downward string pressure over the bridge.

Add a pitched headstock with a bone nut, and this should sound like a little belter via its single-coil pickup and push/push volume pot.


Tuned G# to G#, the tone reminds us of a capo'd-at-the-fourth-fret Tele, but with better sustain as the open strings can ring out.

There's natural presence and sparkle played clean, and the pickup positioning means depth in the bottom end too.

That makes the G Sharp fun for chording and lead playing alike, or indeed slinging across your lap with a slide and tons of drive - Fjeld makes a nut and bridge extender kit for this very purpose.

The G Sharp's highly credible design and good tone certainly elevate it beyond novelty guitar status, which is reflected in the asking price.

Cost-effective build and QC let it down, however, via a couple of very sharp fret ends and a number of cosmetic imperfections.

Nevertheless, a quick fret job transforms the G Sharp into a loveable little guitar for travel, practise or indeed adapting wholesale into your music.

Editor-in-chief, Guitars Group