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GearSkinz amp cases review

GearSkinz amp cases start at £65

Our Verdict

GearSkinz won't replace a full flight case for heavy road use, but assuming that your gear isn't moved by angry gorillas, this is a brilliant medium protection solution.


  • Good design. Not too bulky. Excellent protection.


  • Price (though they are UK made)

The majority of amp slip covers offer scant protection, while full flight cases are too bulky and expensive. What to do? Enter GearSkinz, which on first impressions remind us of LeBlond drum cases.

They're custom built in the UK from a heavy duty polypropylene outer with riveted joins and foam lining. There are three versions: Lite (from around £65), Standard (pictured, from £115) and Plus (from £150) which increase in protection levels, the latter with multiple straps, separate bottom 'tray', a mix of 5 and 12mm foam lining, riveted double-thick side seams and metal strengthening rods.

In use

We received the Plus model. One excellent part of the design is that the amp's handle takes the weight; were it on the case itself it would almost certainly break in time and put excess pressure on the Velcro
straps that hold top to bottom.

As it is, we can't break it in normal use, and believe us, we tried. It adds minimum bulk to your amp and so shouldn't significantly affect your specific vehicular packing regime [Yes, I'm OCD about this too - Ed]. For cost reasons the Lite version without the base tray and 2mm foam lining is likely to be the most popular, but do check the website to see what suits you best.