Tama RoadPro Series HH75W Hi-Hat Stand review

The RoadPro is solid, reliable and boasts more patents than you can shake a stick at

  • £69
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Our Verdict

A well thought out, professional pedal.


  • Solidly built. Rotating, adjustable footplate.


  • Nothing of note.

Tama has packed a myriad of useful features into this solid and professional model. The footplate can be rotated to aid positioning of other pedals or stands, and its angle is easily adjustable with a drum key. The staggered patented five-way tension adjustment to the direct pull action chain linkage makes small changes to the feel consistent and secure.

Tubing is substantial and Tama's patented non-loosening tension rod can be safely housed in the upper section pipe for transport. Well thought out or what?

Tech Specs

DescriptionDouble braced leg, Direct pull action, Swivel foot feature means the foot can be rotated around the tripod base.