Audiomodern Loopmix review

A six-track looper with controlled randomisation at its heart. We get in the loop

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Audiomodern Loopmix
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MusicRadar Verdict

Creative performance and randomisation tools make Loopmix a lot of fun, and it can be a genuinely inspiring way to generate new.


  • +

    Deep and creative randomisation tools.

  • +

    Generous factory library.

  • +

    Powerful performance features.


  • -

    No way to fine-tune the timing of individual stems.

  • -

    An in-plugin tutorial would be handy.

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Audiomodern Loopmix: What is it?

Loopmix is the latest plugin from Audiomodern, the developer behind tools such as Playbeat, Riffer and Chordjam. What these plugins have in common is a focus on using intelligent, controlled randomisation to generate new ideas, a concept once again at the core of Loopmix. This is a six-track looper, designed to let users ‘remix’ their loops using sequencing tools and effects.

Loops can either be dragged in from the user’s own library, or imported from the generous 1.6GB factory library. Loops are stretched to fit the project tempo – which generally works pretty well, although it’s a shame there aren’t more options for fine-tuning the timing of a loop in the cases where drag-and-drop doesn’t quite nail this. There are, however, options to multiply or divide the playback speed and nudge loops left or right by single-beat offsets. 

Audiomodern Loopmix

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Audiomodern Loopmix: Performance and verdict

Once loaded, Loopmix uses six editing tabs. The first is a Sequencer, where users can engage individual steps of a loop. This can be done in either poly mode – where six loops of audio can be sequenced simultaneously – or mono, which essentially creates a single mix-and-match loop from your six audio files. The next tab, Rearrange, is a basic audio editor that lets users copy and move individual hits within each audio loop. Next is a tab in which users can Reverse individual steps, followed by Density, which is essentially a per-step beat repeater. The next tab is a Volume sequencer, while the final tab sequences Pitch, allowing each step to be shifted +/-12 semitones, which can be done around a variety of preset scales.

So far, fairly simple, but where Loopmix stands out is in the deep, flexible randomisation options that can be applied at every level. Each tab can be randomised individually, or the entire loop can be randomised. In each case, Loopmix features settings that can dictate the parameters by which the loop is randomised, letting users target or lock individual elements, and set the boundaries of the randomising process.

There are a host of cool tools for getting creative and performing with these variations too. Along the top, controls allow users to engage temporary randomisation, or use a particularly cool ‘disintegration’ tool, which essentially breaks a loop down to nothingness over a set number of bars. Along the bottom of the interface, a keyboard allows the user to trigger each track, either as the original stem or sequenced version. The keyboard can also generate, store and trigger a variety of ‘remix’ versions of the loop. Almost every element of Loopmix can be MIDI-mapped too; great for live use.

It’s a genuinely fun, inspiring way to discover new arrangements of your existing ideas. There is a lot going on though, and we’d recommend giving the manual a thorough read. As with most Audiomodern tools, there’s an iPad version too – particularly appealing here, for reworking loops and ideas on the go.

MusicRadar verdict: Creative performance and randomisation tools make Loopmix a lot of fun, and it can be a genuinely inspiring way to generate new.

Audiomodern Loopmix: The web says

"Loopmix is as creative a plugin as you’ll ever use. More than that it’s ridiculously addictive and great fun to use. Be warned – you’ll likely lose hours tinkering away with it."
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Audiomodern Loopmix: Hands-on demos


Alexander Ewald

Dirty Secretz

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Audiomodern Loopmix: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES Six-track looper with editing for sequencing, rearranging, reversing, density, volume and pitch. Features an array of complex randomisation and variation options. Formats: PC/Mac VST, VST3, AU, AAX iPad AUv3 (iPad version priced €9.99).
  • CONTACT: Audiomodern 
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