Zynaptiq solves World Cup horn problem with free Suppressor plugin

The 2018 World Cup has, thus far, proved to be a festival of football, but one of the more annoying aspects of it has been the compressor horns wielded by fans that have blighted the sound of some TV broadcasts.  

Fortunately, plugin developer Zynaptiq has come up with a way of blocking them out: the World Cup Horn Suppressor is a dedicated processor designed to tame the droning sound of the horns in real-time, leaving the other stadium ambience and commentary untouched. The plugin utilises Zynaptiq’s AI-powered de-mixing technology, which has previously been employed in the likes of Unmix::Drums.

The plugin is already being used by Denmark’s TV2, as Jens Lyd, one of its sound engineers, explains: “We were getting complaints about the compressor horns being too dominant in the audio of our World Cup transmissions, and there really wasn’t a lot that could be done about that with traditional tools,” he said. “So we contacted Zynaptiq - and within days, they provided an easy-to-use solution that quite simply completely fixed the issue for us.”

Broadcasters can apply for a free 3-month World Cup Horn Suppressor license on the Zynaptiq website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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