Zynaptiq gets all up in your face with new Intensity mastering plugin

Zynaptiq has released a brand-new and rather unique audio processor that uses techniques found in facial recognition algorithms, called Intensity.

Ideal for mixing, mastering and sound design, Intensity brings out a sound’s inherent details, increases its perceived loudness and density, and promises to add maximum clarity to your audio with very simple, one-knob control functionality.

Although Intensity may act like a compressor, Zynaptiq is keen to stress that it is anything but. There are no threshold, or ratio controls and it doesn’t ‘pump’ in the same way as your average compressor. 

Intensity key features

  • Mastering-grade processing for more detail, clarity, density and loudness
  • Intuitive and fast workflow using a streamlined set of controls
  • Proprietary Intensity circuit with optional frequency-dependent BIAS function
  • Additional precision soft-knee saturating limiter at the output stage

Intensity is available now with a 60% introductory discount until 30 June 2018 for £129/€149, with a regular price of £329/€379. You can download the free demo and get more details on the Time+Space website.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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