Zultan launches new Impulz cymbal set

Zultan cymbals has announced the launch of a brand-new line of cymbals with its Impulz range. As with nearly all Zultan cymbals, the Impulz series are handmade in Turkey, crafted from B20 bronze. 

Available as a set comprising 14" hi-hats, a 20" ride and a 16" crash, what's most surprising about the new Impulz line is that it'll only cost you £226.

Zultan says, "Zultan is proud to announce the launch of Impulz, a great-sounding and versatile new cymbal set painstakingly designed to deliver outstanding response, clear tones and rich harmonics at a price point affordable for all. 

"Zultan’s latest set covers a huge range of musical styles, from rock and metal to pop and beyond, and consists of a 14” hi-hat, a 16” crash and a 20” ride." 

"The entire series is crafted from 100% hand-casted B20 bronze (20% tin and 80% copper).Made in Turkey by experienced craftsmen to exacting quality standards, Impulz is suited not only to beginners but also offers the dynamic response and nuanced sound prized by professionals." 

"Zultan is one of very few cymbal manufacturers worldwide able to offer a complete, high-quality cymbal set at a price as affordable as the new Impulz Set. With its big, bright yet sophisticated sound, Impulz is a new reference point for quality cymbals available for players on a modest budget."

The Impulz set is available now, and we've already got our hands on a set for review. For more information visit Zultan's product page, here.

Stuart Williams

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