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You can now import your own wavetables into the Sequential Pro 3

(Image credit: Sequential)

Sequential has announced that it is opening up its Pro 3 hybrid monosynth to allow you to import your own wavetables via a browser-based utility.

The feature comes along at the same time as an OS upgrade which will be made free for all Pros 3 owners.

The web-based Wavetable Generator will give users the ability to convert up to 16 single-cycle waves into a Pro 3 compatible wavetable. From there you'll be able to load the wavetable into to any of the 32 user slots available on the synth.

Dave Smith had this to say on the update: “How do you make an awesome-sounding hybrid synth even better? By letting users import their own wavetables,” the Sequential founder continued: “It opens up a lot of new sonic territory for the Pro 3. We hope users get crazy with it.” 

To access the utility simply head over to the Wave Generator web page and start importing. More information on the Pro 3 can be found on the Sequential website