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You can now get PreSonus’s Studio One on Splice’s Rent-to-Own scheme

Splice already had various plugins on its Rent-To-Own scheme, Xfer Records Serum being just one of them, and now it’s added a DAW to the roster. The software in question is PreSonus’s Studio One Professional: pay $16.99 a month for two years and it’s yours.

The scheme kicks in after a 14-day trial period, and you can pause or cancel at any time. The difference between this and a subscription offering, of course, is that once you’ve made all your payments you get to keep the software and can put your wallet away.

Studio One 4 is a winner in our book. As we said in our review: “it’s long been a DAW with the potential to genuinely change your musical life, and version 4 reinforces that position. If you’ve still yet to try it, there has never been a better time.”

Find out more on the Splice website.