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XILS-Lab brings the Moog Polymoog to your DAW with the PolyM synth

XILS-lab is making quite the name for itself as a high-quality emulator of classic hardware, and the company has now released a new plugin synth that takes its inspiration from Moog’s Polymoog: the PolyM.

Released in the mid-’70s, it’s not one of Moog’s best-known instruments, but was great for mournful leads and eerie string pads, and found favour with the likes of Gary Numan, who utilised the classic Vox Humana patch.

XILS-Lab’s version, which has been in development for two years, features TOD (Top Octave Divider) oscillators, which are slightly detuned (creating a phasing effect) and accompanied by an envelope generator. There’s also a 24db self-oscillating filter, which is driven by the keyboard and enables you to create huge basses and leads, so we’re told.

Other features include an acoustic filter bank, a resonator bank, delay, phaser and reverb effects and plenty of modulation possibilities.

The PolyM is available now as a VST/AU/AAX plugin, and can currently be had for the introductory price of €99. This will rise to €149 at the start of September.

Find out more and download a demo on the XILS-Lab website.

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