Watch: Mooer announces affordable GE250 multi-effects modelling unit

NAMM 2020:  It's not secret that Mooer are going after the multi-effects modelling floorboard market that Line 6 and Headrush are having success in right now. What we have here looks like something between Line 6's Helix HX  Stomp and the larger Helix HX Effects.

More compact than Mooer's GE300, but larger than its recent GE150, the GE250 still boasts an expression pedal which gives it an edge over the Stomp in that regard at least. But there's plenty more to get excited about here.

(Image credit: Mooer)

There's a whopping 180 effects, 70 Mooer amp models, 32 Impulse Response-based speaker cab models with support for third-party IR files. 

There's 10 user slots for these with 2048 sample points.

Each effects chain you build on the GE250 can facilitate up to 11 different effects blocks with a programmable FX loop and signal chain routing options e.g the 4 cable method to bypass your amp's preamp if desired and rely soleyon the GE250's amp and cab models. 

(Image credit: Mooer)

Like most of the competition, the GE250 includes editing software for ease of use as a recording interface but where Mooer offering something over its midrange rivals is the Kemper-esque Tone Capture function. This allows you to sample an amp to create new models on the GE250.

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Mooer says it will start shipping the $499/ €449 Euro/ ₤399 GE250 the end of this year, and will be testing one out as soon as we can. 

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