Watch Misha Mansoor introduce his new EverTune-equipped signature Jackson Pro Series ET6 and ET7 Juggernaut

Jackson has officially launched the Pro Series Signature Misha Mansoor Juggernaut ET6 and ET7 models, and the Periphery guitarist has taken to YouTube to walk through some of the new features and create a buzz.

Of course, as one of the most anticipated signature electric guitars of 2021, that buzz was already there, but it's always nice to see the artist with their new toy, just as The Black Dahlia Murder's Brandon Ellis did with his signature Green Crackle Kelly. 

At first blush, the ET6 and ET7 Juggernaut looks familiar. Mansoor and Jackson serve up the same aggressively contoured body, with sharp cutaways and Jackson's spearhead AT-1 headstock, tuners arranged 3x3 and 3x4. Its super-slim neck and 20" radius fingerboard are caramelised maple while the body is basswood, and hosts a pair of MM1 humbuckers. 

It’s a magical bridge that keeps your guitar in tune. It’s kind of insane... You can strike a string as hard as you want and it will never go sharp or flat

Misha Mansoor

There is a push/pull feature to access further pickup voicings, and a five-way selector, volume and tone to rinse every bit of tone out of the setup.

But cast a glance to the bridge. Here you've got an EverTune system, which, as Mansoor explains, takes a lot of the tuning pain out of the equation. Handy when you're tuning down for low-end djent riffs.

“It’s a magical bridge that keeps your guitar in tune,“ says Mansoor. “It’s kind of insane – some super complicated tension-based system, but if you set up the guitar right, you can strike a string as hard as you want and it will never go sharp or flat.

You can even set it up in this ‘safe zone’ as I call it where you can still bend – you just give it a little more than you usually would. Anyone who records knows how much time is spent in the studio just tuning your guitar. It’s a huge time saver when tracking and recording.”

Other player-friendly features include luminous side-markers, jumbo frets, rolled fretboard edges, and a very convenient heel-mounted truss rod adjustment wheel.

The Jackson Pro Series Signature Misha Mansoor Juggernaut is out now. The ET6 finished in satin Chalk Gray, the ET7 in sating Gulf Blue. Both priced  £1519, $1299, €1369. 

If you are so minded, do also check out Mansoor's signature Peavey Invective Mini-Head, which has been one of our favourite guitar amplifiers under £1000 that has been seen, heard but not available to buy until very recently.

See Jackson for more details.

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