Peavey officially releases the much-anticipated Misha Mansoor signature Invective MH amp head

Best guitar amps under $/£1,000: Peavey Invective MH
(Image credit: Peavey)

First announced at NAMM 2019, Peavey's latest signature guitar amp for Periphery's Misha Mansoor has now been officially released and is available to order.

There was a little bit of mystery surrounding this release. It was seemingly all geared up to go. People were talking about it. People were excited. There were demos, positive reviews – it even made MusicRadar's list of best guitar amps under 1000 bucks. But it hadn't been launched properly until now. Luckily, it looks like it is worth the wait. 

Indeed, it looks the bee's knees, taking Mansoor's feature-stacked 120-watt Invective head but making it smaller, more manageable, with 20-watts of power switchable down to 5-watts or a single watt. Weighing in at 16.5lbs, it is a more portable option for small gigs.

The Invective MH features a pair of EL84s in the power amp section, with three 12AX7/ECC83s in the preamp. As with its larger sibling, it comes with a number of 21st-century features.

There is an onboard T.S.I. (Tube Status Indication) circuit, which allows you to quickly diagnose valve problems, and a host of recording features – including an MSDI (Microphone Simulated Direct Interface) Output with XLR and ground lift switch, plus speaker-emulated USB for recording direct.

A two-channel setup, the Invective MH's clean channel has controls for Gain, Low, High, while the lead channel has Pre-Gain and Post-Gain controls plus a three-band EQ. There are global controls for Resonance and Presence, plus switches for a Tight voicing, noise gate and boost.

The footswitch can be used to engage the Tight voicing, which does exactly that, effectively making a fist of your high-gain tone so that it will punch through. And you can turn on the gate via the footswitch too. 

Mansoor likes his dynamics, and he's not one to oversaturate his tone, but you certainly won't want for gain here. The Invective MH is built for contemporary metal players. This being 2021, you'll want to hook up your 'board to this, so it's good to see a footswitchable buffered effects loop.

Elsewhere, you've got some practical functions such as an easy access bias adjustment pot, and the amp looks like it can take plenty of punishment.

Even better, the Peavey Invective MH is priced at just £/$699, and is available to order now. See Peavey for more details.

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