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Watch Enterprise Earth’s Gabe Mangold deploy 8-string brutality in this fiery guitar playthrough

Following the release of Washington deathcore bruisers Enterprise Earth’s third album Luciferous last month, we’re thrilled to premiere this epic guitar playthrough of Sleep Is For The Dead.

In the clip, guitarist Gabe Mangold unleashes an onslaught of tremolo picking, pick scrapes and pinch harmonics to lend the track its foreboding sonic landscape - and that harmonised lead at three minutes is just tech-metal perfection.

The guitar Mangold is playing in the beautifully shot fireside video is a Strictly 7 Cobra eight-string, tuned to DADADGBE with D’Addario / Kalium Strings .10 - .94.

Those tones came courtesy of a Kemper Profiler, using profiles of a 6505 for rhythms, and a JCM800 for leads, all running through a Mesa/Boogie 4x12.

If you fancy learn those sweet guitar lines, tabs for the entire album will be available from the Enterprise Earth store.

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