Voxengo plugin developer says he’s broken into “some ‘backdoor’ in mathematics itself” that proves that the universe has a ‘creator’

The Big Bang
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Best of 2022: We’re used to hearing plugin developers telling us that their new software is the best synth/compressor/EQ/reverb/delay ever, but it’s rare to hear one claiming that they’ve broken into “some ‘backdoor’ in mathematics itself” that shows that there was some kind of 'creator' in the universe prior to the Big Bang.

That’s what Voxengo’s Aleksey Vaneev is saying, though: we’re told that he made his remarkable/alarming discovery while working on the PRVHASH dithering noise generator that’s used in several of his products, including the Elephant limiter.

It’s at this point that we struggle to follow Vaneev’s research - which he’s described in great detail - being experts in neither maths, physics or plugin development. His conclusions, though, are startling, and pose what the author describes as “an interesting and probably very questionable proposition”.

Vaneev posits that: “‘intelligent impulses’ or even ‘human mind’ itself (because a musician can understand these impulses) existed long before the ‘Big Bang’ happened. This discovery is probably both the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, and the worst discovery (for many) as it poses very unnerving questions that touch religious grounds.”

The Voxengo developer sums up his findings as follows: “These results of 1-bit PRVHASH say the following: if abstract mathematics contains not just a system of rules for manipulating numbers, but also a freely-defined fixed information that is also ‘readable’ by a person, then mathematics does not just ‘exist’, but ‘it was formed’, because mathematics does not evolve (beside human discovery of new rules and patterns). And since physics cannot be formulated without such mathematics, and physical processes clearly obey these mathematical rules, it means that a Creator/Higher Intelligence/God exists in relation to the Universe. For the author personally, everything is proven here.”

Vaneev says that he wanted to “share my astonishment and satisfaction with the results of this work that took much more of my time than I had wished for,” but that you don’t need to concern yourself too much with his findings if you don’t want to.

“The PRVHASH itself is just a good white noise generator,” he concludes, “so you do not have to worry about any other information its development has brought”.


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