Vinyl lives! And this time it's eco-friendly and delivered in 'record' time

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You just can't keep a good old format down and the rise and rise of vinyl over the past decade has been as surprising as it is welcome.

The analogue playback from vinyl is as close to the 'real sound of audio' as humans have so far managed to produce, with all digitisation – be it 96k 24-bit or whatever – only ever being a digital 'approximation' of what the artist and producer really wanted you to hear.

Vinyl isn't without its problems however and the sheer convenience of streaming and digital distribution will certainly continue to have it beat in the popularity stakes for countless years to come.

But now a British company have come forward to at least cure a couple of the biggest woes involved in pressing your music to vinyl. 

elasticStage intend to make the whole process not only more sustainable (a smart move given current climate needs and the type of makers and audience attracted to the format), but can deliver discs faster too (so audiences are happier and bands get their cash quicker).

An – an added bonus to all this convenience – the end product even sounds better, according to Oscar and grammy-winning producer Paul Epworth. 

"The sound of elasticStage's Vinyl is a significant upgrade from the established 50 year-old manufacturing process. Sharper definition in all frequency ranges without losing any of the Vinyl character. Largely indistinguishable from the original master in blind tests, on a sonic level it brings the Vinyl process into the 21st Century," he says.

Disky business…

elasticStage are calling themselves "the world's first on-demand vinyl manufacturer" and rather than press vinyl onto PVC from a mold – as has always been the way – elasticStage have an as-yet-unrevealed system to cut each disc individually meaning that each 'pressing' is in fact master quality.

There's less material, less waste and this unique manufacturing method even allows the company to offer manufacturing runs as small as a single unit…

So now even the smallest band or enterprise can get a bespoke number of discs out without any fear of wastage of money or resources. Need more? Go back and get more. elasticStage promise that whatever the number they can deliver faster than established vinyl pressers can press and supply.

Bands can even offer and sell vinyl copies via elasticStage's global ecommerce platform on the same day as the release digital versions, with the company simply making/manufacturing each copy to order and delivering soon after.

This will be music and musician's ears, who often have to plan ahead, order and pay for vinyl pressings months ahead of an intended release. The firm promise "no lead times and no upfront costs".

The company have raised £3.5m in funding and are backed by aforementioned super producer Epworth, Dan Grech-Marguerat (of Lana Del Rey, George Ezra, Tom Grennan fame), Ed Millet (Dua Lipa) and management executives Ryan Walter, Tim Parry and Ed Millet (co-founder of TaP Music).

We look forward to giving the service a try and our first ever vinyl a listen.

Bookmark the company's holding site here and keep your eyes on it for further news.

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