Vince Gill shows you the four guitars from his incredible collection he'd save in a fire

Vince Gill
(Image credit: Tom Bukovac / YouTube)

Vince Gill isn't just an amazing guitar player, and the man the Eagles called after Glenn Frey passed away, but he's got an equally sublime guitar collection that you'll get to see in this video. 

While he was with him at his downtown Nashville home studio for a 10-day session, fellow guitar ace Tom Bukovac did a bit of filming for his consistently excellent Homeskoolin' YouTube series. And he asked him a great question about his guitars.

Well, he asked him two. The first question is what four from his collection Gill would save in a fire. This reveals sentimental choices – including Gill's first electric guitar from when he was 10 years old and the 00-40 Chet Atkins' late widow Leona gifted him after Chet passed away in 2001.

Vince Gill

(Image credit: Tom Bukovac / YouTube)

Then Bukovac asks Gill to select his top four guitars based on performance and sound. We're impressed with how fast Gill selects his electric and acoustic guitar choices from such a massive collection but they are absolute beauties – as you'll see. And the choices of a master musician. 

And yes, he chooses a 'Burst, with an emotional story attached. We also get to see the 1959 ES-335 Robben Ford said was his favourite he'd ever played. What a guitar feast! 

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