UVI’s UVX670 plugin combines two little-known ‘80s Akai synths to create a hybrid monster

Why emulate just one vintage synth in your plugin when you can revive two? UVI’s UVX670 is a sample-based instrument that enables you to layer and combine sounds from Akai’s VX600 and AX73.

These six-voice analogue polysynths weren’t in the ‘80s synth big league, but UVI considers them to be underrated gems. The VX600 offers dual VCOs per voice and specialises in pad sounds, while the AX73 can produce lead and bass sounds via its six-VCO architecture. This offers poly, stacked and unison modes and Curtis 4-pole 24/db resonant low-pass filters.

On the modulation side, the VX600 has a mod matrix, two LFOs per voice and frequency modulation. The AX73, meanwhile, offers a single LFO per voice and PWM.

For the UVX670, Akai sampled fully serviced and restored VX600 and AX73 models. The software enables you to stack the two instruments together, with each synth having its own controls for voice selection, volume, pan, filters, amplitude and filter envelopes, pitch, portamento, stereo modes, modulation targets, and arpeggiators.

The resulting sound can then be run through a selection of effects, and you get more than 300 presets.

The UVX670 runs in UVI’s free UVI Workstation and also the Falcon synth. The regular price is €79, but it’s currently available for €49 (the price will rise after 15 July). 

Find out more on the UVI website.

Ben Rogerson

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