UVI’s PX Memories goes beyond the Memorymoog synth by emulating the modded version that made it better

GEAR 2021: For its next sample-based trick, UVI is introducing PX Memories, a new Falcon or UVI Workstation instrument that’s based on a modded version of the Moog Memorymoog synth.

The LAMM - Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog - is known as a more reliable and functional version of Moog’s 1982 synth. There are three VCOs, a 24dB/oct ladder filter and 6-voice operation, making it great for everything from bass and lead sounds to huge pads.

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PX Memories comes with 350 presets, more than 170 layers and more than 38,900 samples. As well as the classic ‘80s presets that you’d expect, it also includes more contemporary sounds.


(Image credit: UVI)

There’s a dual-layer architecture, and you have access to per-layer multimode filter, amp and filter envelopes, pitch and stereo controls, step and LFO modulators, arpeggiators, and a master effect section with 3-band EQ, drive, chorus, ensemble, phaser, delay and Sparkverb.

Available now, PX Memories can currently be had for the introductory price of $49/€49, rising to $79/€79 next month. If you don’t have Falcon, you can download the UVI Workstation for free. Find out more on the UVI website.

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