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UVI’s OB Legacy is a collection of Oberheim’s greatest synth hits

Tom Oberheim is one of the most respected designers in synth history, and now UVI is celebrating his work with Ob Legacy, a collection of six sampled synths that take inspiration from the instruments that he’s created.

UVI has captured 49,252 samples from a range of Oberheim classics to create 1,468 presets, all of which are fully editable and come in hardware-inspired interfaces. You get everything from bread and butter sounds to vintage tones and more modern patches, all of are supposedely bursting with Oberheim-style character.

The synths - XP-12, M-6K, UV-XXX, Six-12, UV-1 and UVSR-2 - certainly have a familiar look to them, and it’s to be hoped that their sound does indeed live up to their Oberheim heritage. You can find out more on the UVI website, where Ob Legacy can be purchased for €199. It runs in either the free UVI Workstation or UVI’s Falcon synth/sampler.

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