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Unleash pulsating stereo ambience with the new Keeley HYDRA reverb and tremolo pedal

We love a new reverb pedal – and why wouldn't we? They're gateways to endless inspiration and the new HYDRA from Keeley looks like it's going all-in with its stereo reverb and tremolo combination of versatility and lush ambience.

Keeley are experts at dual effects pedals (triple too with 2019's DDR) and designed the Hydra as the perfect companion to its ECCOS delay and looper pedal, but its feature range means its far more than a pedalboard wingman. 


(Image credit: Keeley)

The HYDRA Stereo Reverb & Tremolo offers Spring, Plate and Room reverb algorithms alongside Harmonic, Vibrato and Sine Wave tremolo. There's an infinite reverb trail too which are always great fun for ambient sound beds. The parameters to shape these modes are significant too. 

As well as being able to change the order of effects, the HYDRA's Alt Controls let you shape each effect to fine detail. There's three presets for calling up your favourite combinations too. 


(Image credit: Keeley)

The HYDRA Stereo Reverb & Tremolo pedal retails for $249 / £249 and also allows for expression control, remote bypass, analog-dry-through and kill-dry. It has a low ~115 mA current draw on your 'board too.

The Check out the video above with headphones for the full stereo experience and head over to for more info. 


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