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Keeley’s DDR Drive Delay Reverb is designed to be "the only pedal you may ever need"

Keeley Electronics has officially announced the DDR Drive Delay Reverb, which it claims is “intelligently designed to be the only pedal you may ever need”.

As you may have guessed, the DDR combines overdrive, delay and reverb in one pedal, split into Drive and Wet sides.

Two overdrives make up the Drive side: Crunch, a British tube-amp combo sound; while Lead provides a mid-pushed overdrive.

The Wet side, meanwhile, offers spring and plate reverb, plus analogue and digital delay.

There’s also a built-in effects loop to insert effects between the Drive and Wet sides, and there are options for true bypass or trails switching, too.

The DDR is available from 23 May for $179. See Keeley Electronics for more info.

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