Universal Audio UAFX Starlight Echo Station delay pedal: save £44

Universal Audio
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Universal Audio entered the effects pedal market and proved they meant business with a trio of jaw-dropping units. The Starlight Echo Station might just be the pick of the bunch; a delay pedal connoisseur's dream. And over at Thomann right now it's got a rare saving of £44 this weekend. 

Universal Audio UAFX Starlight Echo Station £339 £295

Universal Audio UAFX Starlight Echo Station £339 £295

A Rolls Royce of delay pedals, Universal Audio do not mess around when it comes to delivering pro studio-quality sounds. For build, tone and usability this is an incredible piece of kit, and the rare saving here is worth taking of advantage of while it's available. 

Universal Audio have modelled three classic tape, analogue and digital units with UA's industry-leading approach to tonal detail. The vintage Memory Man Deluxe and EchoPlex EP-III originals they accurately model would cost far more than this metal-bodied beauty of a pedal. 

Classic vintage sounds with old school controls and cutting edge modelling make an irresistible combination here. The Starlight Echo Station is simply one of the greatest delay pedals you can buy right now and an investment that pays dividends with its huge variety of delay tones.

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