Tycho takes music to the blockchain with new Web3 fan community

(Image credit: Tycho)

If you've been keeping your virtual ear to the ground in the past year or two you may have heard talk of Web3 and the future of the internet. Web3 broadly encompasses all modern thinking about where the internet is heading, including blockchain technology, crypto currency, NFTs and the metaverse…

If we've just slightly lost you there, all you need to know is that soon we're all going to be able to enjoy a greater level of interaction with our favourite bands and artists, be it through exclusive fan meet-up-opportunities and gigs, access to new music, merchandise and other fan-only offers, or being able to message and chat to the artist directly. Plus, there's even the chance to literally 'own' part of your favourite artist and share in their profits to come.

One of the first artists making the leap to the next level is Tycho who's already set himself apart as one of music-making's true digital natives.

To mark the release of his Back To Mine compilation (the latest in the famous and prestigious long-running, hand-curated DJ and artist compilation series) Tycho has announced the creation of the Tycho Open Source Community powered by technology company Medallion (medallion.fm) running on the Polygon blockchain.


Tycho is the latest artist to have their own Back To Mine compilation (Image credit: Tycho)

Members will receive access to new and exclusive content, ownership of unique digital collectables and will be able to unlock new types of fan insights and benefits, and collaborative opportunities with fans that benefit the community as a whole.

Watch Tycho introduce and explain the community below.

“Since the earliest days of Tycho, online communities have played an integral role in the project," he writes. "From the origins of ISO50 blog which served to introduce Tycho to a wider audience, to Web2 social media platforms and most recently the Tycho Friendship Server on Discord, I’ve always seen these spaces as an opportunity to connect with fans. Web3 technology now presents us with a chance to connect on an even deeper level.

“In this community I will be sharing insight into my creative process, unreleased music, previews of new music, behind-the-scenes footage and many opportunities for us to better connect. You will also get first access to special merch drops, ticket presales and exclusive digital collectibles.

The initial launch offers the opportunity to pre-order Tycho’s Back to Mine on vinyl (out September 30) and those that pre-order in the Open Source Community will be sent a free commemorative digital collectable of the vinyl on release date.  Community members will also be able to listen to these two tracks before they are released to the public. 

Future benefits will include the Open Source DIY merch activation where members are invited to remix Tycho’s art for a chance for their design to be featured on digital collectibles and a merch item; Previews of unreleased live concert footage; All community members receive 15% on all Tycho merchandise; And digital vinyl listening events where members can hear unreleased tracks and mint a free NFT collectable of them in rarefied colorways.

It's certainly trailblazing stuff and you should get used to your favourite artist following suit very soon.

Be part of the Tycho action and sign up the the community here

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