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Cover feature
This month, we show you how to bust out of the open and barre chord rut with our guide to learning more chords, but just as - perhaps even more - importantly, how to use them. Our cover feature breaks down the theory of extended chords, and by the end of it you'll know how they work, and how to get them working in your own progressions.

Learn to play
TG features more song tabs and audio than any other UK guitar magazine, complete with studio-quality backing tracks on your CD!

Classic track: Dire Straits 'Sultans Of Swing'
Open Mic Songbook: Ed Sheeran 'Castle On The Hill'
Rock School Acoustic Arrangement: Paul Weller ‘Wild Wood’
Riff of The Month: Metallica 'Enter Sandman'

Lessons & How-To
Nail whammy bar techniques
Get started with acoustic fingerpicking
How to use flanger effects
Build your rhythm skills
Replace your guitar's tuners


Fret King Corona Fluence: Fishman-loaded take on a doublecut classic
Vox AV30: Affordable hybrid modelling amp
The TG Test: Four budget-friendly semi-hollow workhorses from Gretsch, Epiphone, Ibanez and Hofner  
Pedal Round-up: A quartet of preamp pedals for getting gig-ready acoustic sounds

Artist interviews
Rig Tour: Clutch
Chris Shiflett
George Lynch

Plus loads more!

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