Toontrack announces Fields of Rock Superior Drummer SDX recorded by Royal Blood producer Tom Dalgety

It’s Rocktober over at Toontrack, and as such, the Swedish purveyor of some of the best drum samples on the market has dropped an exciting new collection of sounds for its Superior Drummer 3 software: Fields of Rock. Recorded by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Ghost, Rammstein, pixies) and drummer Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Gutterdämmerung) at the legendary Rockfield studios in Wales, UK.

Fields of Rock features seven core drum kits offering drum sounds suitable across multiple eras of rock, from vintage, ‘60s sounds, to arena rock and contemporary, modern-day tones, all of which are playable from our electronic drum sets.  

The full list of kits includes: The Stormtrooper (British Drum Co. Legend series), The Godfather (Ludwig Hollywood), The Evil Disco (a heavily taped and muffled Hayman Vibrasonic), When In Chrome (Ludwig Rock Power), The Pure Goth (Sonor Sonorlite), The Futuristic (Staccato fibreglass) and The Modern Studio (Ludwig Classic Oak).

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Recording of the kits was split between Rockfield’s lively Quadrangle recording space, and stone wall-equipped Coach House - the latter set up to provide the pack’s Dry Room and Stone Room samples, in total offering three different room environments which can be applied to the respective kits.

In addition to the kits, there’s a massive selection of cymbals, Rototoms, Octobans, congas, shakers and other percussion. You’ll need Superior Drummer 3 in order to run the sample pack, which costs £129/€159. 

However, a sneak peak at Toontrack’s website teases the announcement of Mat Hector’s Dark Rock pack for the more affordable EZ Drummer. Info is limited at the moment, but we’d hazard a guess that fans of the Goth samples mentioned above will be in for an affordable sample of some of the sounds. 

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