TINRS’ RectangularThing is not your average Eurorack synth-voice module

This Is Not Rocket Science has created a new synth-voice Eurorack module called RetangularThing, but there’s one drawback, it is only available in a very limited-run.

The module purely came about whilst playing around with the re-issued Curtis chips and an “audio-aesthetically pleasing prototype” was hit upon and so came the idea of producing a short of 20.

The module has a classic lineup of features consisting two oscillators, two envelopes, two VCAs, a mixer, a highpass and a lowpass filter, but there’s more.

The Rambler function allows you to create more ‘rich-sounding’ waveforms with the use of a sub-oscillator. It switches between oscillator one and two very quickly, on every complete cycle. A variation on the same theme is Sawpulse, which is an oscillator that alternates between saw and pulse cycles creating a new waveform.

By rearranging the jumpers on the back you can select if the top oscillator has either a sub-oscillator or a Rambler oscillator (jumper at SubOsc 1) and for the bottom oscillator you can decide on going with Rambler, sub-oscillator or Sawpulse (jumper at SubOsc 2). This is where the !?!?! knobs come in, they each allow you to adjust the output of the sub-oscillators, depending on your setting.

The module is available now for €700 EUR (including tax, excluding shipping) and there is a lot more to RectangularThing, which can be found on the TINRS website.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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