This Lego bass guitar features 2,000 bricks

Not only is Burls Art's Lego bass guitar (opens in new tab) is certainly a looker. The YouTuber used 2,000 pieces for the body to create an intricate design with only a hard maple piece in the centre to provide essential strength under string tension. Even the headstock features Lego pieces. 


(Image credit: Burls Art / YouTube)

Epoxy resin was used on the external pieces to further the stability. So how does it sound? Burls Art chose a piezo pickup under the bridge so he could show off that Lego pattern to full effect and his reasoning is sound.

"Of course this compromises the tone but I built this guitars as an artistic piece, more than I do for the tone of the instrument," he explains. I'm not gonna say this thing sounds great but it does make noise when it's plugged into an amp.


(Image credit: Burls Art / YouTube)

The Lego bass weighs in at just over 7lb because Burls Art kept the use of epoxy resin down to a minimum. 

It's the Californian creator's second epoxy fretboard and far from his first instrument-building project. We've previously covered his guitars made from Jawbreaker candy (opens in new tab), Styrofoam (opens in new tab) and even one with a river running through it (opens in new tab).

Burls Art has also made guitars from skateboards, salt, coloured pencils, paper and even 5,000 coffee beans!

We strongly recommend a visit to the Burls Art YouTube channel (opens in new tab) to stay up to date with his incredible work.

Rob Laing
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