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This Styrofoam Telecaster might just be the world’s lightest guitar

We’re not sure where Burls Art - he of river guitar and coloured-pencil Strat fame - finds the time to assemble his innovative electric guitars, but he’s already built another... and it’s a seriously lightweight effort.

This time, the YouTuber has built a Telecaster out of two layers of Styrofoam insulation foam, yet the results he achieves are typically impressive.

The final build weighs just 3.5lbs, which is around half that of an average Telecaster - and most of that is coming from the neck, to boot.

Burls Art goes on to compare the tone of his not-so-solidbody with two other Telecasters, one of which was his second coloured-pencil guitar experiment.

The creative wunderkind says this is just an in-between guitar while he works on a more complex build, so we’d wager his next innovation will be something very special indeed...

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