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This could be the best compact Boss Space Echo pedal you'll never be able to buy

(Image credit: Tubes99 on Imgur)

Roland’s Space Echo is one of the most beloved delay effects units of all time, and a compact pedal version of that iconic tape echo is long overdue - now, one savvy Photoshopper has taken things into their own hands and generated a mock-up of what such a device could look like.

Posted on Imgur by user Tubes99, the design features controls for level; delay intensity and repeat rate; modulation rate and depth; a slow/long delay time switch; plus the number of tape heads.

What seals the deal for us is the ability to press and hold the pedal to induce tape warble, while pressing and holding for more than two seconds activates tap tempo functionality.

Stereo inputs and outputs are onboard as well, while there’s also an expression input.

The last time Boss released a Space Echo-branded product was way back in 2007 when it launched the dual-footswitch RE-20 Space Echo.

More recently, the Japanese firm included Space Echo sounds in its all-encompassing DD-500 Digital Delay, but what we wouldn’t give for this compact incarnation to become a reality… Come on, Boss!

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