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This 1000 oscillator drone synth has been under construction since lockdown and hearing is believing

Sam Battle, aka Look Mum No Computer, aka one of the most bonkers and yet genius synth-heads known to humankind has created yet another behemoth of a synthesizer.

The KiloDrone, as the name would suggest, has 1000 oscillators is wall-mounted and, quite honestly, has the potential to melt your brain.

The humungous synthesizer has been under construction since Sam had the idea at the beginning of lockdown, cue countless hours of what he described as a “brain-numbing experience” and voila, the KiloDrone was born.

Despite his initial doubts over whether a giant wormhole would form when attempting to run 1000 oscillators at once, you'll be relieved to know that no space/time continuums were harmed in this experiment.

If KiloDrone looks familiar to you, you may recall the 100 oscillator synth from a few years ago. 

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