The SP-2400 sampler is not a Behringer clone, so who is making it?

We all got a bit excited yesterday, announcing that there’s a new Behringer clone on the block in the form of the SP-2400, but it turns out it’s not from Behringer at all.

You can forgive everyone for thinking it was, with the shared PCB render and obvious nod to the E-MU SP-1200, but this has all been debunked by one synthesist and YouTuber, Fluxwithit.

Outlined in a post and on a YouTube livestream, he goes into detail of why this hardware sampler is not the work of Behringer. First up is the colour of the board, which, we’re rightly reminded, is usually yellow and not black. He also goes into more depth on the types of chipsets used and how they are not the usual Behringer fare.

As it’s not a clone from the Music Tribe brand, it does beg the question as to who is behind this mysterious new sampler?

According to Fluxwithit (Ken Flux Pearce), he has been in direct contact with the company behind the SP-2400 and can divulge a few more details of the sampler, just not who’s responsible for it just yet.

What he can tell us so far is that it’s “24bit AND 12 bit, Aluminum construction, Classic sound with the Classic workflow. Each pad will play cowbells (if you sample a cowbell to it) it’s not behringer… it is real, and it IS COMING SOON.”

Looking at theses new images, there are obvious similarities to the original 1200, so perhaps we are seeing its official successor? Is E-MU about to relaunch, or is this the work of another company altogether and is Dave Rossum (co-founder of E-MU Systems) involved in any way? Who knows, but we hope to hear more about this project very soon.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding and, according to the man himself, it does sound good: “I can tell you… I have heard it… it sounds fantastic. It is going to make many of us very happy… and the corksniffers… so mad. I will be dropping random tidbits about this as they fall out the back of the secret laboratory this is being built in.”

Keep your eyes peeled on the Fluxwithit website for more info.

Simon Arblaster
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