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Could this be an E-MU SP-1200 clone from Behringer?

An image of a 3D render has popped up on Matrixsynth that has all the hallmarks of a Behringer WIP, though its origins cannot be verified.

The eagle-eyed poster has already scanned the image for specifications and pulled out this list of features:

  • Active EQ for channels 3-6 (or is it 3-5?) 
  • Filter for channels 1-2
  • Sampler Input LP AMP
  • CH 1 Out on the right and CH 8 Out on the top left (8 outs)
  • Mix Out
  • Stereo IN followed by MIDI In/Out/Through jacks
  • Power & USB jacks
  • Post EQ
  • Post AMP
  • FREQ Cutoff 1
  • Resonance 1
  • GNDA
  • FREQ Cutoff 2
  • Resonance 2

We can also make out the model number as SP 2400, hence the link to the SP-1200 hardware sampler, but it seems the manufacturer name has been blanked out.

Of course, this isn’t quite the E-MU emulation we were expecting, with Behringer's recent acquisition of Tears For Fears’ old Emulator II.  The classic sampler/workstation synthesizer was snapped-up at a recent auction, featuring more gear from the pop legends. 

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