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The Quantus Ampla from Noise Engineering has more tricks up its sleeve than your average VCA

As VCAs go, they're very much thrown into the 'utilities' end of Eurorack. Not sexy, but most certainly essential. Often, this is an unfair treatment of such an integral module to any system - you can't have too many VCAs, right? Well, Noise Engineering has just released a very handy looking VCA in the form of the Quantus Ampla for your consideration.

More than just your average VCA, the Quantus Ampla can fulfil several needs including ducking and mixing, to name but a few.

Wrapped up in a very handy 6HP module which is DC-coupled and will work with audio or control voltages.

At a flick of a switch, any one of the four channels can act as an amplifier, or an attenuator, which can duck up to four incoming signals. Along with mixing and ducking the QA can also be deployed as a compressor with CV-controlled levelling.

As the name suggests, the Quantus (Latin meaning “how much, how many”) Ampla (meaning "opportunity") is quite literally brimming with tons of options for your patches.

QA goes on sale today for $169 and is available in either black or silver panels. Check out the Noise Engineering website for more information. 

Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla

(Image credit: Noise Engineering)