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The Performaxe leg rest promises to improve your posture and provide more comfortable practice positions

Many guitars, particularly electrics, just do not lend themselves to seated practice. Performaxe aims to challenge this perception by creating an attachable leg rest that can be used to enhance the seated playing position of your electric guitar.

The Italian-based business is seeking funding via Kickstarter in the hope it can produce and distribute the Performaxe in order to save the back-hunchers, leg-crossers and strap-shorteners of the world from a lifetime of poor posture and frustrating practice.

The leg rest comes in Standard and Boutique options (pictured above) and is designed and made in Italy. The Standard is constructed from a nylon-fibreglass alloy, while the Boutique is made from aluminium. Both have a thick rubber layer to protect your instrument from scratches during use and can accommodate guitars up to 6cm/2.4” thick. 

Keen to give the Performaxe your backing? Head to the Performaxe Kickstarter page to pledge €68 for your very own.

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