The Neova ring turns your standard MIDI controller into an expressive one

We’ve seen plenty of expressive MIDI controllers over the past few years, but Enhancia’s Neova is slightly different in that it’s designed to complement rather than replace your existing devices.

This is a ring controller that enables you to adjust parameters by moving your hand; it features nine motion sensors and comes with a hub that can be used to connect it to a computer via USB or to other MIDI gear. You can use Vibrato, Bend and Tilt controls as you play, while Wave and Roll are air-based movements.

Neova works wirelessly, but rather than using Bluetooth, Enhancia says that it’s created its own proprietary wireless protocol that’s optimised for ultra-low latency (2ms). The company says that it’s actually eight times more ‘reactive’ than Bluetooth.

“As a musician, I believe that emotion is the purpose of each melody. In musical performance, subtlety is a key,” says Enhancia’s co-founder and CEO Damien Le Boulaire. “Every intention, every micro-gesture should be captured to reflect the intensity of your feeling as truthfully as possible. We imagined Neova with the simple idea of creating the shortest path between your musical intention and music creation”.

Enhancia has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Neova; a pledge of €210 or more will secure you a ring for delivery in March 2019. 

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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