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The most versatile PRS SE guitar yet? This Hollowbody II is packing a piezo system

If you need a wide variety of tones on tap, PRS might have the SE for you here. A semi-hollow electric guitar with humbuckers and a piezo designed with LR Baggs? Yes please!

The PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo brings a much requested feature to the SE line; a piezo pickup at the bridge. 

Bands like Opeth prove just how convincing piezo acoustic tone can be on a PRS guitar in a live situation and offer huge potential for any guitarists that play covers frequently and need tonal diversity.

(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

The humbucker pickups here are 5815s while each saddle in the bridge has it own adjustable piezo element fitted.  

The humbuckers have master volume and tone controls with a seperate volume for the piezo to dial it in as you need.

There are two separate outputs  on the guitars; a mixed magnetic and piezo pickup output. Unlike the Core PRS version though, the second output is magnetic pickups only and not piezo only.

(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

The piezo requires a battery so the bypass on the second output sidesteps this if you're running out of power. 

Many piezo / electric users like to split the signal of the acoustic sounds to a seperate PA or monitor speaker and you can do this by using both outputs simultaneously. The mix output can double as a piezo-only output. 

Two finishes are available: Black Gold Burst and Peacock Blue Burst. We're seeing street prices around £1,249 / $1,549.

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